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Have any questions about our digital marketing company? Let us know what we can do for you. Here is a little about us.

My name is Paul Kohn and I have been doing digital marketing for over 10 years. I have been successful in many different areas including Amazon FBA, Affiliate Marketing, Facebook Marketing, Google and Bing Paid Ads, YouTube Organic and Paid Ads, and Search Engine Optimization. A few years back I decided to help local businesses because of something that happened to me many years ago.

You see I used to own a local business and was doing pretty well until a couple large corporate institutions came in and crushed me. It cost me a multi million dollar bankruptcy.

Back then I did not know about marketing, either online or conventional. So over the years I made it my goal to master this highly valuable skill and I want to share it with other local business owners who need help.

To me there is nothing worse than seeing a local business closing down. Actually it is heartbreaking and brings back pains from the past. Because of this It has become my passion to help the mom and pops have their chance at success and the American dream. I don’t want them to just survive. I want them to thrive.

I hope that our team, network associates and I will be able to help in the future and look forward to working with you.

To Your Business Success

Paul K.

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